HDX WorkBench

HDX Workbench is an integrated software platform designed specifically to enhance the analysis of hydrogen/deuterium exchange (HDX) mass spectrometry data. Building upon the experience from development of The Deuterator and HD Desktop, it integrates tools for data extraction with visualization components within a single desktop application.

The software has been designed to be a comprehensive solution, and emphasis was placed on achieving three main goals of increased analysis speed; user-friendly graphic interface; and strong support for large HDX data sets. The software is currently limited to Thermo and Waters instrument file types, and runs on the Windows 64 bit platform.

To obtain the software please EMAIL BRUCE@OMICSINFORMATICS.com

HDX data analysis software

Automated peptide detection

Established algorithms

support for large datasets

comprehensive visualization

Statistical analysis

robust data review tools

Data export / archiving

SUpport for multiple samples, proteins, replicates

really fast !!